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BEACON has recently been chosen as one of the Co-op’s Local Community Fund causes for the next six months.  During this time, Co-op members can choose which of their local causes to support, through purchases they make with the Co-op, will raise funds for their chosen cause.

Any moneys raised for BEACON during this time will be used to support our River Guardian scheme, which trains local volunteers to take water samples from rivers and brooks across the Bollin catchment, and test them for phosphates, nitrates, ammonia, pH levels and record temperature using simple test kits.  Your money will help us buy equipment and hold training workshops for volunteers.  It will also buy some staff time to help co-ordinate this project.

The River Guardians do valuable work by surveying water bodies, and submitting results that provide baseline data, which allows us to see where there might be issues, and therefore where BEACON can focus its efforts.  Without this local information, BEACON would struggle to be able to work effectively as the catchment area we cover is so vast.  These surveys also allow us to see whether there are changes in water quality once interventions to remedy the issues have taken place.

BEACON River Guardian Training

BEACON River Guardian

To choose BEACON as your local cause, please log into the members section of the Co-op website and search for BEACON on the bottom of your homepage.  You can then click the blue button at the bottom of the page to choose us as your local cause.  Every time you as a Co-op member buys Co‑op branded products and services, from buying a loaf of bread to planning a funeral, 1% of your spend goes to the local cause you chose to support.  For the six months that this local cause campaign runs, the money builds up.

To find out more about this, and to support BEACON as your Co-op local cause please click the link here






RDWP Survey Training - 31-10-14

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BEACON is fortunate enough to have support from all the partner organisations that sit on the Steering Group, including the National Trust at Quarry Bank who host the BEACON Project.

BEACON is always busy applying for grants and fundraising to keep this project going as we don’t want all our hard work, and that of volunteers to go to waste.

If you or the organisation you represent is interested in providing sponsorship or support for the BEACON project please get in touch using the contact form here