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Tree Planting on the Carrs

Woodland Trust Trees Friends of the CarrsOn Thursday 12th March, which turned out to be a bright and fairly warm morning for a change, four volunteers from BEACON, Bollin Valley Partnership and Friends of the Carrs planted 100 tree saplings.

The trees were awarded to the Friends of the Carrs by the Woodland Trust, who had 4,500 tree packs to give away last autumn to school and community groups.  Friends of the Carrs applied for, and were successfully granted 100 saplings as part of the ‘Wild Harvest Pack’.  The species in this pack included, Hazel, Blackthorn, Crab Apple, Dog Rose and Elder, and the pack was delivered in early March.


Friends of the Carrs Tree Planting

The trees were mainly planted along Styal Road, adjacent to the car park at Twinnies Bridge.  This is because the Friends of the Carrs have been working hard to establish a hedgerow here for some time and it was good to add to the planting that had already been done in this location.  A hedgerow here will not only provide excellent feeding and nesting habitat for small birds, but also screen off the busy road.  The trees, all native broadleaved species, will grow into a flourishing hedgerow in as little as 10 years.

Tree Planting Friends of the Carrs

The remaining trees were planted in the old tennis court and bowling green area, which has recently been cleared by Cheshire East Council.  These were mainly Crab Apple and Elder, which will provide interest for people visiting the Carrs as well as blossom for insects and fruit for birds.

The UK has just 13% woodland cover compared to a European average of 44%, and the trees we do have are under increasing threat from diseases and development. By teaming up with communities like Friends of the Carrs, the Woodland Trust hopes that the UK can double its native woodland cover and enrich the landscape for generations to come.


Friends of the Carrs - Tree planting volunteers

Trees with guards - friends of the carrs