Biosecurity means taking steps to make sure that good hygiene practices are in place to reduce and minimise the risk of spreading invasive non-native species.  A good biosecurity routine is always essential, even if invasive non-native species are not always apparent.

Biosecurity should be considered at the earliest stage when planning any surveying or control work. BEACON volunteers and staff are always encouraged to carry out biosecurity measures.  Some biosecurity measures can be as simple and as quick as making sure your wellies are clean.  For more information on biosecurity in the field click here

Be Plant Wise LogoCHECK, CLEAN, DRY…
If you use the rivers and streams for walking, boating, running, cycling, angling or just relaxing then you could be moving non-native invasive species from one place to another. Make sure after every visit you check your clothes and equipment, clean everything down with water, and allow it to dry out thoroughly.  For more information on the Check Clean Dry campaign click here

Be Plant Wise LogoBE PLANT WISE…
Invasive aquatic plants can cause many problems when they become established in the wild. Make sure you know what plants you are buying, what grows in your garden and compost any waste with care in order to stop the spread.  For more information on the Be Plant Wise campaign click here