Water Quality

The Carrs RiversideAs BEACON has been busy tackling invasive species it also came apparent to us that the quality of what’s in the river as well as what’s growing on the river bank is very important.  So, we embarked upon a very successful water quality project, which you can read about here.

The European Water Framework Directive (WFD) helps us to know how the water bodies in the Bollin Catchment are doing in terms of their water quality.  The WFD is a European Union directive which commits European Union member states to achieve good status of all water bodies by 2027, or for heavily modified waterbodies to meet good potential by 2027.

The WFD measures the health of water biologically, chemically and physically and classifies it as good, moderate or poor.  You can find out about the health of your local streams and rivers here.

BEACON Bollin RDWP Walkover Survey

There are lots of things that BEACON is doing to try and help the water bodies of the Bollin catchment achieve this aim, such as surveying for water pollution, raising awareness with landowners and farmers, carrying out water sampling with River Guardians, and making sure our own work is water friendly.Track and Gate trampling BEACON Bollin RDWP

Please see here for more information on water quality and water friendly land management.