Water Quality Resources

Birkin Brook BEACON RDWP Surveys WalkoverFor more information and resources on water quality, please see the links below:

BEACON Rural Diffuse Water Pollution pack – the results of the BEACON water quality surveys

Catchment Based Approach Website – showcases the work of catchment partnerships across England and Wales and to encourage the sharing and adoption of best practice in stakeholder-led catchment management planning, delivery and evaluation

Water for Life and Livelihoods: Challenges and Choices –  the Environment Agency’s response document to the recent Challenges and Choices Consultation about River Basin Management Planning

Birtles Farm Cows BEACON RDWP Walkover SurveyCatchment Sensitive Farming – a Natural England project run to raise awareness of diffuse water pollution from agriculture (DWPA) by giving free training and advice to farmers in selected areas in England.

Best Management Practices to Reduce Diffuse Pollution from Agriculture – A manual of best farming practice to overcome diffuse pollution